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Overview of “At Will” Employment in California

California is known as an “at will” state in terms of employment. This comes from California Labor Code Section 2922, which provides that employment having no specified term is presumed to be terminal at the will of either party. Although the … [Continue reading]

March 2013 Employment Law Case Updates

March 13, 2013 Henderson v. Newport-Mesa USD (CA4/3 G046765 3/13/13) Administrative hearing on related matter/no res judicata Gloria Henderson appeals from a judgment of dismissal entered after the trial court sustained a demurrer to her … [Continue reading]

February 2013 Employment Law Case Updates

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February 26, 2013 Sonoma County Ass’n of Retired Emp. v. Sonoma Cnty. (9th Cir. 10-17873 2/26/13) Retirees’ Healthcare Benefits The panel vacated the district court’s dismissal of a complaint brought by the Sonoma County Association of Retired … [Continue reading]

January 2013 Employment Case Law Updates

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January 31, 2013 McVeigh v. Recology San Francisco (CA1/3 A131833 1/31/13) Whistleblower Action/California False Claims Act Plaintiff Brian McVeigh appeals following the grant of summary judgment in favor of his former employer Recology San … [Continue reading]

Can Your Employer Round Your Time?

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The short answer is probably.  Typically, these policies state that times will be rounded up or down to the nearest tenth of an hour or other similar increment.  As long as it balances out over time such that the employee is not paid for all of the … [Continue reading]

My Paycheck Bounced! What Can I Do?


Many of us, especially in this economy, need a timely paycheck to make ends meet each month.  So when your employer bounces your paycheck, it can be extremely stressful and frustrating.  But there is something you can do. If your employer pays you … [Continue reading]

Undocumented Workers: Can Employers Pay You Less Than Minimum Wage?

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NO!  California’s minimum wage laws protect ALL workers regardless of their legal status.  In fact, undocumented workers are protected by all California laws governing wages and working conditions, including overtime laws.  As the sign in the picture … [Continue reading]

An Overview of California’s Prevailing Wage Laws for Public Works Projects

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Are you being paid minimum wage? Many employees don’t realize that the minimum wage is not $8 per hour on public works projects.  Employees often don't realize they are getting shortchanged until they find out another worker on the same site … [Continue reading]

What You Don’t Know About Your Managers Can Hurt You

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You have a great sales manager that always turns in great numbers. Turnover is a bit high and you’ve heard some grumbling from his staff, but he runs a tight ship. He doesn’t use overtime. What an asset to the company!  You don’t know how he does it … [Continue reading]