As a California state employee, you probably feel like this boxer from time to time–beat up by politicians, the press, and the public on a regular basis.  They are looking for someone to scapegoat and state employees are an easy target. While people inside government know that there are many competent, hard working, and sometimes over-qualified state employees keeping the government going, it is the side seldom reported in the media or seen by the public.  To add insult to injury, many state employees are overworked and under-appreciated by their supervisors and managers.  And if this weren’t bad enough, some state employees are mistreated, discriminated against, and wrongfully terminated by these bad supervisors and managers.

Don’t get railroaded!

Attorney Linh T. Nguyen has been an attorney and senior executive with the State of California for 12 years.  During this time, he has served as the manager of the Equal Employment Opportunity Office covering over 10,000 employees.  As a state executive, he has overseen countless employee investigations and adverse actions.  He has also taken the lead on negotiating settlements in high profile adverse actions.  This knowledge and experience makes him uniquely qualified to represent you before state agencies.  As a former Chief Counsel, Chief Deputy Director, and Acting Director, he has seen it all and done it all in state government, from the ivory tower to the rank and file.

Not having effective representation before, during, or after a state employment action can cost you your livelihood. As a California state employee, you have rights not available to the general public and you need an attorney that understands those rights and how to fight for them.  Call today for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation.

Investigatory Interrogations, Skelly Hearings, and State Personnel Board Appeals

Managers and supervisors often move forward with adverse actions without supporting evidence, incorrect information, or without following progressive discipline. State agencies may decide to roll the dice and hope employees don’t know their rights or fail to appeal the adverse action. Even worse, adverse action is sometimes the result of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. Whatever the situation, you should consult with an employment lawyer with experience with the state. As a former attorney and executive with the State of California, Linh has insight into how management works (or doesn’t work) and how to best present a case before the State Personnel Board.  From discovery to settlement conferences and formal hearings, the Law Offices of Linh T. Nguyen can effectively present your case.